Milky Way Int'L Trading Corp

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United States
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Smoked Sardines In Oil Mandarin Oranges Whole Segments In Light Syrup, Mandarin Oranges Tidbit Pineapple In Light Syrup Crushed Pineapple Smoked Peppered Herring Fillets In Natural Juice Flat Fillets Anchovies Mw Polar, Mackerel In Brine Mandarin Oranges Mixed Fruit In Light Syrup, Mixed Fruit Syrup Mackerel In Brine Ice Cream Topping Fruit Cocktail In Light Syrup Fortune Cookies Premium Quality Fuji Apple Pie Filling Or Topping Sardines In Tomato Sauce Sliced Pears In Pear Juice Imitation Honey Syrup Sliced Jalapenos Pears In Light Syrup Sardines In Olive Oil Chunk Light Tuna Green Maraschino Cherries With Stems Honey Syrup, Honey Yellow Cling Peach Slices

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