Tortilla, includes plain and from mutton sandwich (Navajo)

237 kcal
1 serving
Updated on Apr 16, 21.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 serving (about 197 gram)

Amount Per Serving
Protein7.28 g
Total Fat0.95 g
Carbohydrates49.94 g
Ash1.87 g
Starch43.02 g
Sucrose0.22 g
Glucose (dextrose)0.15 g
Maltose2.37 g
Water39.96 g
Fiber, total dietary2.4 g
Calcium, Ca70 mg
Iron, Fe3.81 mg
Magnesium, Mg19 mg
Phosphorus, P146 mg
Potassium, K105 mg
Sodium, Na482 mg
Zinc, Zn0.32 mg
Copper, Cu0.102 mg
Manganese, Mn0.268 mg
Selenium, Se16.6 µg
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)0.19 mg
Thiamin0.37 mg
Riboflavin0.114 mg
Niacin4.125 mg
Pantothenic acid0.17 mg
Vitamin B-60.06 mg
Folate, total98 µg
Vitamin K (phylloquinone)0.4 µg
Folic acid87 µg
Folate, food11 µg
Folate, DFE159 µg
Tryptophan0.06 g
Threonine0.182 g
Isoleucine0.286 g
Leucine0.53 g
Lysine0.157 g
Methionine0.122 g
Cystine0.166 g
Phenylalanine0.375 g
Tyrosine0.204 g
Valine0.326 g
Arginine0.283 g
Histidine0.165 g
Alanine0.227 g
Aspartic acid0.296 g
Glutamic acid2.613 g
Glycine0.268 g
Proline0.878 g
Serine0.351 g
Fatty acids, total saturated0.296 g
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated0.185 g
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated0.391 g
Sugars, total including NLEA2.75 g

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